The Edge Artist

The Edge Artist is able to take a chance in career, business and life.

The labor market in Slovenia is traditionally closed for members of the Roma community and is increasingly closing for the members of the nations of the former Yugoslavia resident in Slovenia - Macedonians, Albanians, Bosniaks, Serbs, Croats, Montenegrians.

Excluding minorities from power and influence results in making human beings becoming helpless victims. This is unjustified but systematic process.

Training sessions in the field of culture and arts promoting active role of individuals as groups to become able to take their integrity back. With cultural competencies and awareness expressed through art, individuals boost their self-confidence and gain knowledge and skills that prevents them from social exclusion. 

Three topics of trainings of The Edge Artists:

  • fusion of film and theatre improvisation skills,
  • a verbal artistic expression deriving from the complexity of social and cultural background,
  • combining recycling construction of buildings from the old to the modern method of up-cycling.

Innovative approaches of how to use experience learning, combined with sensuality, on the basis of social and cultural differences as an advantage are introduced. Mentors have experience in video production, drama, theater, architecture, literature, poetry, pedagogy.

The final aim is to empower trainees to be able to improve their lives, to live full and healthy life and mybe get a full time job. The Edge Artist project lasts from September 2021 to March 2023.

A fusion of film and theatre improvisation

The idea is to create a film, starting with an effective narrative, followed by creating a story, writing a script, recording and editing until its final version.

Participants will get a chance to develop their creative potentials in story writing, work organization using creativity supported by of our excellent mentors through the process. Tools of film production include camera or phone, later computer editing and finally placing media product to the public 

Film techniques are combined with theatre improvisation skills creating a product as a result of fusion of experience in the field of digital video production and theatre improvisation.

Theatre improvisation techniques are based on skills of inspiration important for: communication training, bringing ties in a group, out of box approach learning, increasing social sensitivity in a participant. The programme enables participants to respond and process information out of life situations and teaches them to express thoughts, speak publicly and to know whereabouts in unexpected situations. 

One of the most important techniques of improvisation is to learn by mistakes. Mistakes are celebrated and offer a chance for change.

The fusion of film and theatre improvisation brings out our personality, making it more mature, responsible, independent, self-confident, compassionate, accepting and magnificent. The Edge Artist is able to take the grasp in career, business and life.

Creative expression - stories and poems

How do I make an interesting dialogue? I want to put together a song, a poem that could be tuned! What is it about the linguistic specifics in multicultural society? How do I achieve the viability and persuasiveness of my story? What exactly is a dialog? How do the individual and social interwine in the written and spoken word?

These are just a few of starting points of our workshops on stories and poems in The Edge Artist project. We use an approach that derives from our own creativity, observation, listening, reflection, play and research. The creative process will be self-reveling through experience learning.

Alternative forms of cultural living

The training has an informative and practical part. We try to combine the knowledge of ancient, culturally marked recycling construction of buildings and modern construction methods with the up-cycling. It is a technology bringing old to life transforming it into a new creation.

We teach about the various possible ways of building temporary accommodation and shelters by using best practices of the revitalization of public facilities for community use. We teach how to choose the most suitable method of construction or renovation then the decision is made to do the construction work or revitalization of the object. And we do it at the work camp in spring - summer 2022.

NGO Romsko društvo Romano veseli 

Romano vesli is a NGO that has been actively engaged in improving the status of the Roma in Slovenia for the past 17 years. It cooperates with community of people coming from the former Yugoslavia and other neighboring countries. The Association has the status of cultural NGO in the public interest. It is situated in Novo mesto in Slovenia. 

Its aim is to empower members of the Roma community especially youth and Roma women by leaving their specifics and cultural difference. 

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